FREE!? How can this be free?
God’s grace made it possible!

These curriculums cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs of Kids Kount Publishing. And they were sold at competitive market price. A church could have easily spent over $5000.

How much material is this? Over 10,000 pages! But the more significant fact is the quality of discipleship these curriculums bring!

The materials have proven to be dramatically successful. Churches were significantly changed when their children’s and family ministries became one of the key features of their discipleship effectiveness!

One congregational leader noticed the difference and made a significant contribution to Kids Kount Publishing so that more churches might have the same blessing. Kids Kount stepped out in faith and decided to offer their material at no cost. More donations came as a result.

So here it is…FREE! There really is no obligation to donate, but it is like grace. Once we have been blessed, how can we not be gracious and give back so that others might also experience this blessing? Or if you decide not donate, perhaps you would like to partner with us in supporting a mission effort to reach children in India! Maybe your Sunday school would like to select this as a mission project! Find out more on our “Donate” page.