Snack Size Videos

If you are leading children’s ministry, your volunteers and leaders need three things from you. One–vision for why they do what they do. Two–training skills. Three—keeping connected with them relationally.

But it is so difficult to get people to attend training events! How do you give them what they need from you if you have so little contact?

Use Snack Sized Videos. These are short and sweet training topics only two or three minutes long. Your people can watch them on their computer, tablet or smart phone. When you send them the link by text or email you can also inspire them with your vision. You can invite personal response and stay connected with them on a more personal level. All this can be done with sending two Snack Sized Videos a month. It’s a simple as sending emails or texts! Before long, you might be making your own Snack Sized Videos to be even more personal in your training tips!

Do you want more explanation? This Workshop audio recording, Train Your Volunteers Online…Simply will help.

two minute training video Snack Size Videos






Click below on the links to take a bite out of our new Snack Size videos! These two-minute videos will train, inform and inspire both you and your volunteers on a variety of practical, real-life ministry topics. There are several videos in each category!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!!!

Snack Size Video Library

Taking the First Step: Lead Yourself
The most critical task you have as a leader is to make sure you are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically replenished. You need to fill your own tank before you can effectively give to others! These snack sized videos will point you in the right direction as you make the choice to lead yourself first.

Understanding Preschoolers
Are you dealing with Itty Bitty Bullies? How do I develop a heart of prayer in my Preschooler? Help has arrived on answers to these questions and more in our short Snack Size Training Videos.

Understanding Grade Schoolers
What’s the difference between a 1st Grader and a 4th Grader? How do I place God’s Word on the heart of a grade-schooler? Check out the answers on these short training videos.

Understanding Preteens
This section of videos is like a crash course in tween child psychology! Dealing with Drama? Get a peek inside the brain of a preteen when you check out these YouTube videos from Kids Kount.

Tips for Directors and Leaders
So you’re the one in charge! Dive into an informative set of videos that covers everything from running an effective meeting to communicating with your pastor to getting the right team of volunteers around you. We’re here to make your BIG job feel more manageable.

Help for Coaches
As a kidmin coach, you are there for your volunteers….the ones who are in the trenches shepherding groups of children each week. How best do you empower and encourage them to be the best that they can be? How can you be their champion week after week? Find lots of practical tips in the videos found here.

Skills for Small Group Leaders
As a shepherd, you are leading little ones each week. You have a heart for serving the Lord and serving kids. These videos will help you hone your skills to reach each child in the most effective way possible. Practical ides on group management, making kids feel special, doing crafts the right way, and much more!

Helpful Ideas for Large Group Leaders
You enjoy being up front, and sharing God’s Word is your passion! These videos are designed to help you make the most of your God-given talent with helpful ideas on preparing your stage, preparing your technique, and preparing yourself for your presentations.

Training for Puppeteers
Puppets have a way of capturing children’s attention in a way few other things do. These videos, hosted by a professional puppeteer, will give you some great tips and techniques for making your puppet presentations even more captivating!

Sharpen Your Welcome Team
When visitors come to your church, first impressions are critical. What are some ways that you can make your Welcome Team ministry stand out in the way you receive and welcome others? How can you touch the hearts of the new children and families you see each week? Take a look at these videos to find out!

Transform Your Space
When people walk into your children’s area, what does it say to them? Does it say that your church places a high priority on children? That it really values them? If you can’t give a strong “yes” to this question, please check out these videos! They are full of creative, cost effective ways to transform your space to make it a place where kids will love to come!