Kingdom Quest Implementation

implementation kit level one med 133x150 Kingdom Quest ImplementationLevel One Tools: A Solid Foundation

We recommend these free helps to revolutionize your Sunday school and maximize success in your Kingdom Quest experience from the start. In other words, these tools will get you off on the right foot. Use this training and implementation help to equip Kingdom Quest leaders and volunteers throughout the year. Some of these online videos are available for purchase on DVD for $15.

  1. Seminar DVDs and accompanying notes will also help educate your volunteers and leaders. “Wow to Aha” (Video and Handout is a 40-minute DVD explaining the principles behind Kingdom Quest while demonstrating examples of activities from the curriculum. “Children’s Ministry in a New Wineskin” (Video and Handout), is a 16-minute DVD which explains the differences between the old model of Sunday school and Kingdom Quest. Both these videos would be perfect to use during volunteer orientation, providing excellent foundational training in under an hour. Alternatively, you can make library copies of the DVDs and let volunteers take them home to view on their own.
  2. Skill Builder DVDs address your practical concerns, such as “how to” directions on building both a simple and more complex puppet stage, and practical suggestions for the director and supply coordinator.

3. Free Implementation Handbook is strongly recommend. This useful, easy to navigate, go to guide will help you implement, launch, and administer Kingdom Quest and Kids Church in every setting. Find out how to bring new curriculum into your church, what to do during the 8-week countdown to Opening Sunday, and how to use the curriculum most effectively! Download Implementation Handbook now!

Handbook Outline

  • Getting Started
  • 8-Week Countdown
  • Director
  • Supply Coordinator
  • Facility Adjustments
  • Small, Medium or Large Church
  • Forms

implementation kit level two med 133x150 Kingdom Quest ImplementationLevel Two Tools: Building Up

These tools continue improving and building up your children’s ministry and Kingdom Quest program. These free training resources can be used as a mini-workshop or can be sent home with your ministry partners.

  1. Dr. Roger Theimer’s ”Slaying the Giants” Session Video and Handout is 35-minutes that will encourage you as you think through and answer common challenges faced in children’s ministry. It includes useful lesson demonstrations from the story of David and Goliath.
  2. Our Ministry Partner Handbook. This handbook is a treasure trove of information for your volunteers, providing essential information to help them hone their skills in their individual roles. The handbook is in Word format so you can make customized ministry partner books for each of your volunteers. Also included in the handbook is general information pertinent to children’s ministry in general, such as safety and security procedures and understanding the unique characteristics of children at different age levels. More info
  3. Skill Builder DVD’s that can be used for group training or sent home (make a library copy) with individuals. These DVDs will equip your puppeteers, large group presenters, and shepherds to advance their techniques.

4. Do It Yourself DVDs that includes: Making Bible Costumes, Building a We Prize Friends Ponginator, and Painting a New Kid-friendly Decor.

Phone Consultations

We offer great advice for free through our Customer Service department and can help you problem solve by arranging for a 30 minute consultation with an experienced Kingdom Quest Director.
Call 888.549.8687 or 402.614.8720 during regular business hours for implementation advice or to set up a date and time for a 30 minute phone consultation with a Kingdom Quest Director.