Free Parenting Videos

Free parenting videos? Are you looking for family ministry you can use at home? Church? Need help communicating with your teen on driving, sex, what’s beyond high school or just communicating while honoring each other? Welcome to family ministry FOR PARENTS! Short video clips with ideas for every age group of kids…Birth through Grade 12 .

Parents, we’ve taken our Faith Legacy Series videos and clipped them into great bite-size parenting tips. View a segment or two when you have a couple of minutes at lunch or doctor’s office OR watch a session with your teens.

Churches, here is your opportunity to bring family ministry to your parents. These free parenting videos can be used in small group sessions or email the links to your parents.

  • Learn about age-appropriate devotions
  • Teach kids to give and serve
  • Honor, respect and communicate with your teen
  • Talk about driving and responsibility
  • Bring up the topic of sex with your pre-teen and teen
  • Plan for what’s beyond high school

To view or download our free spiritual parenting videos fill out the form below, click submit and the link will appear at the bottom of the page. We will only use our information to monitor the effectiveness of our free resources.

You may also purchase DVDs/CDs of each step in our Faith Legacy Series.