Kingdom Quest

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Kingdom Quest—Our version of Sunday school
Small Group/Large Group Rotation Model 

It speaks the language of kids: FUN! Why shouldn’t learning be highly participatory and fun…especially at church? It utilizes hands-on learning aimed at multiple senses and learning styles.

It’s highly RELATIONAL. It shifts from Sunday school teachers who try to deliver the entire lesson to small group leaders who help kids discover the truth of God’s word.

It uses CREATIVE presentation techniques. When all the kids from the ages grouped together come to watch the Bible event, it might be a story tell presentation, interactive drama, or even video clip. Puppets help set up the lesson.

  • Ages 3-5 begin together in group presentation, then move to small group activities of snack, game and craft. They wrap up review with a puppet in the large group presentation.
  • Grades 1-4 begin in small group, move to large group presentation, then return to small group for Bible discovery and a learning activity.
  • Grades 5 & 6 follow a similar pattern. (watch the video – Children’s Ministry: Experiencing Stories

It is JESUS-CENTERED. All lessons point to the main theme of the Bible: God’s rescue for us through His Son Jesus.

It has a BROAD BIBLICAL SCOPE. Look closely at the scope and sequence and you will see how thorough and well balanced the 10 year scope and sequence is.

It is highly ADAPTABLE and can be edited to fit the personality of the church using it.

Sample Video and Lesson Downloads

As you watch these sample videos note that the goal is help kids experience the love Jesus that will touch the whole child.  It aims at heart, soul, mind and strength.

Sample Videos

Please use the implementation kits provided.  Begin with “Solid Foundation” Implementation Kit.”.  This kit leads you through step-by-step implementation help and training videos. Take your children’s ministry to a new height with the  “Building Up! ” Implementation Kit.”.  This kit includes a handbook that has general information ton safety, security, characteristics of kids at various age levels and important tips to help you build up your ministry.

Build It Yourself Environment!
If you have saved money from your curriculum budget, now spend it on improving your entire experience.  We can help Do It Yourself by providing various videos and instructions.  You can Build It Yourself puppet stages or how about a “We Prize Friends Machine” that can shoot  27 ping pong balls in 9 seconds? Need costumes for young actors to improvise the Bible event on stage.  Check out Sew It Yourself.  There’s much more with Kingdom Quest Grades 1-4 Backdrops and Quest 56 Signs designed for every series of lessons.