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Jesus’ emphasized it! So let’s live it. Let’s raise the value of children’s and family ministry! If that’s your goal, we can help! In three ways:

  1. We provide curriculum that delivers extraordinary discipleship learning experiences. For both for children and their families. We call it high impact discipleship! It is not your ordinary Sunday school. It is not family ministry that leaves parents unchanged. It is life transforming. To raise the value of children’s ministry, let’s do those learning and shaping activities that raise kids in Christ!
  2. We equip the equippers. We provide lots of training tools. Over a hundred online training videos. Handbooks. Build-it-yourself improvements. Even personal consultations. And more!
  3. It is all FREE! No kidding. No gimmicks. What used to cost thousands of dollars is now free. Read more about how this came about! What a gift! It was given so churches could invest their curriculum budget in others ways that would raise the value of their children’s ministry and their family ministry!

Children’s Ministry

Kingdom Quest Logo for GT Ministry Resources from Kids Kount Publishing


This is our version of Sunday school but it feels more like a VBS every Sunday. Ten years available. FREE!


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This a word and worship experience at two age levels: preschool and elementary. The themes coordinate with Kingdom Quest. Six years available. FREE!


Make Your Own…It’s tough work, but many churches write their own material. Don’t start from scratch. Start with ours. It’s easy to download and edit until it becomes your own. See an example of this in our edits of The Story curriculum. They are FREE!

Family Ministry

Faith Legacy Series Logo small Ministry Resources from Kids Kount Publishing


This resource equips parents to be intentional about nurturing faith in the home. We show you how this can be a widespread value throughout the church. This Series can be purchased on DVD or view and download these Parenting Videos FREE!

Training Tools

  • Training Videos… Snack sized videos you can email to your staff or parents.
  • Implementation Materials…Don’t try to launch Kingdom Quest without it! Directors Handbook. Volunteer Handbook.FREE!
  • Skillbuilder Videos… Longer training videos for various roles. FREE! Works well with Kingdom Quest.
  • Build It, Sew It, Paint It…Do it yourself. Save money and take your children’s ministry experience to the next level. FREE! Puppets and other tools for sale.
  • Webinars. Variety of topics especially to develop Directors. FREE!
  • Blog. Check out what other children ministry and family ministry leaders are saying. FREE!
  • E-News. Current and archives of encouragements for your ministry. FREE!

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Explore. Engage. Grow! We’re so glad you have connected with us. Together, let’s work to RAISE kids in Christ!